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We drive the right traffic to your website to maximise conversions at the lowest possible cost.


We deliver content, tech and outreach services focused on giving you measurable results.

Paid Social

We manage campaigns to target the people most likely to convert and deliver positive ROI.


We create highly effective campaigns designed to drive revenue and increase sales.

Social Media

We design and manage your channels to nurture meaningful connections with your audience.


We help you reach new audiences by creating compelling content that builds brand loyalty.


We develop effective marketing strategies that blend data-driven insight and years of experience.


We collaborate with small to medium-sized businesses to exceed their performance goals.

Why Are We Here?

Because we're nothing like any other digital marketing agency.

We know digital marketing agencies. We’ve spent our careers in some of the best in the business. A lot of the work they do is great. But some isn’t. We became disillusioned with the smoke and mirrors of corporate agency life. The tired pitches. The pushy up-sell. The day charges for hourly  jobs. The huge retainer fees. 

All of this may sound familiar.

We wanted to find a new way of doing things. An upfront, honest way. A way with no barriers of entry to small business. So we threw away the agency playbook and came up with something new. Well, not that new at all. It’s the same way any other transaction works. Where you want something and then pay a fair price for it.

So, why don’t other agencies work like this?

Because traditionally agencies have always relied on over-charging and under-servicing their clients. The more retainers they have and the less work they do, the more money they’re able to make. That never sat well with us. And now you know how it works, it shouldn’t sit well with you either.

But what makes PAYG any different?

What makes us different
is what we don't do

We don't waste your time
with pitches

We don’t up-sell services
you don’t need

We don't ask you for a
monthly retainer

We don't ask you to sign a
12-month contract

We don't Spend time or money on client services teams

We don't charge By The Day
For jobs that take hours

Small business prices,
big brand experience

Just some of the companies our team has had the pleasure of working with.

Our Happy Customers

Some kind words from some of our favourite clients.
Thank you so much Tom and team. We are delighted with the service you provided.
Annette Browne
Founder, Telawear
We're very appreciative and pleased with how everything turned out - thank you.
Andrew Crawford
Director, Zinnia Associates
Thanks so much, Tom, for your patience and for such a fast turnaround.
Daphne Xenakis
Head of Operations, Aplasan

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