iHASCO: PPC Audit to Health Check Account Performance

The problem: iHASCO required a PPC audit in order to health check their current setup, and seek out opportunities for the business to grow.

Every PPC audit we do at PAYG is focused around these five key areas:

  1. Attribution
  2. Bidding
  3. Budget
  4. Account Structure
  5. Creative

With iHASCO, this meant getting access to their Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, and then getting under the bonnet to get a better understanding of where improvements can be made.

Our first suggestion for the business was to switch to a more thorough attribution model. Attribution is a very important and often under-utilised tool for online businesses. By default, Google uses a ‘last non-direct’ model to attribute conversions. While this may work for some businesses, it fails to adequately credit upper funnel activity properly. As such you may spend too much on lower funnel (like remarketing) than you might otherwise need to.

The next step was to look at iHASCO’s bidding. Historically, Google Ads were managed on a CPC (cost-per-click). You set your daily budget, then your max CPC and push and pull the bid and budget based on your CPA, ROI and CVR goals. Nowadays, Google is a lot more sophisticated, and can allow businesses that have CPA goals to bid at a CPA level instead of a CPC – meaning that the end goal is aligned to the bid strategy. This approach is great for businesses with strict CPA goals and little time to be spent manually changing CPC bids daily.

After completing a detailed analysis of iHASCO’s CPC bidding within each adgroup, we were able to determine a number of improvements that could be made that would both increase traffic and reduce costs without hindering onsite conversion rates.

The same was true for iHASCO’s campaign budgets. After a careful analysis of historic activity, competitor analysis and keyword data, we were able to highlight a number of opportunities for iHASCO to improve on the current state of play, and claw back lost impression share from its competitors.

Account structure is another area of improvement that we found for iHasco. We always recommend breaking up activity into at least three areas: generics, product and brand. Doing so allows more control over how your ad groups spend through their budget. Exact match products, for example, will always convert more efficiently than broad match generic terms. And you should bid separately on them based on their performance.

Creatively, iHASCO seemed to be doing things really well – but there are always areas that can be improved. Landing pages tests, for example, are a great way to test creative when you think that you’ve exhausted all avenues in terms of ad copy.

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