Zinnia: Branding, Logo and Web Build for New Executive Search Business

The problem: Zinnia, a new-to-market executive search firm, required professional branding, logo and website build as a launchpad to promote their new business.

When we were tasked with creating a logo, branding and website for new executive search firm Zinnia Associates, were a number of considerations that we would need to consider and address as part of the project:

  1. The business is a forward-thinking executive search firm who want to do things differently to the traditional ‘boys’ club’ firms
  2. Their main client base are technology and web businesses, so their branding must nod to the kinds of business they recruit for
  3. Diversity is at the heart of everything they do – and this needs to be evident across the logo, branding and logo

We began the journey by ascertaining who the brand is and what it represents. After discussions with the business founders, we decided that the brand would need to be approachable, diverse, trust-worthy, not-too-challenging, warm and forward-thinking.

This lead us to begin creating brand guidelines for the business – covering everything from the types of fonts they use to tone of voice, brand colours, content pillars… everything the business needs for a robust online presence. An important factor to consider when completing the branding exercise was that while they want to visually embody diversity, technology, forward-thinking and creativity, they also didn’t want to stray too far from the traditional ‘blue recruitment’ colour palette.

And what we ended up with was a cool, modern blue-and-purple colourway that fully demonstrates the brand’s commitment to diversity and creativity, while also remaining in-keeping with the sector’s traditional aesthetic.

Next up was the logo design. After much back and forth on what the requirements of the logo might be, we decided that the best route would be to pick 10 brands that the founders would like their business to be like.We then collated their responses and found common traits between them and struck upon an initial concept. We then re-worked the concept as to ensure that the logo met the requirements of the brand guidelines we’d created.

Finally was the web build. After creating very comprehensive brand guidelines, the build was a matter of leaning on those guidelines to create a great looking site that was cost effective, responsive, slick and easy to use. The final outcome is a simple, effective, professional website that can grow as the business grows.

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